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Tag Suggesters keep tagging consistent for member uploads. A Tag Suggester is a cluster of related tags (ex. Animals: Cow, Pig, Chicken, Dog, Cat) that you want to be easily accessible to users upon upload. 

Follow these steps to edit existing Tag Suggesters.

Edit Existing Tag Suggesters

  • Go to the Manage tab.
  • Select tag suggesters from the sidebar menu.
  • To edit a tag suggester name: click the Blue_Pencil.png blue pencil next to the tag suggesters name. Make changes and click "return" to automatically save changes.
  • To add tags to a tag suggester: type them directly into the Tags field and hit return after each tag.
  • To remove tags from a tag suggester: click the X next to the tag you’d like to remove.
  • Changes save automatically.


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