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Mediagraph Support
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Who can use this feature?

Admins, Content Managers and Library Managers

Available on all plans

There is no limit on the number of members a Mediagraph account can have. Read on to learn how to invite new members to your account.

Invite a new member

  • Go to Manage > Members and click the + New Invite button in the upper right. 
  • Enter the email addresses of the people you would like to invite. (You can paste in multiple email addresses separated by commas or semicolons.)

  • Include a note to give them a little more context for the invite (optional).

  • Select a Role for the new member. Click here to learn more about roles in Mediagraph.

  • Add the new member to a Group (optional).
  • Select a destination Collection for them to be taken to after they sign-up (optional).

  • Click Create Invite. Emails will be sent inviting these people to join your Mediagraph organization.


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