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Who can use this feature?

All member roles

Available on all plans

MediaGraph allows several different methods for upload, which are all controlled by the account administrators. Depending on your role in the account, and how the account has been configured, you may have several different upload paths.

In this article we will detail how general members can upload files to MediaGraph.

Upload Paths

The Upload button is the primary way to upload files. Clicking on the Upload button will open the upload dialog box which displays all possible upload paths you have access to.

Contribution Requests

Contribution requests are created by account admins to provide upload paths to general members. You may have access to a general upload request, or one that's tied to a Group you belong to. If you are a member of more than one Group with active requests, they will all be shown here.

Read the upload request description to make sure you are submitting relevant content. Depending on site settings you may or may not have immediate access to files submitted through upload requests (they may need to be reviewed by an account manager first).

Contribution Requests can only be accessed through the Upload button.

Lightbox Uploads

Dependent on site settings, you may have the option to upload directly to Lightboxes (these live in the My Projects panel). If these are enabled for you, you'll see this option in the Upload dialog box and a smaller Upload button inside Lightboxes.

If you have permission to upload to a Lightbox you will see an upload icon in the navigation breadcrumb at the top of the workspace. When selected on the Lightbox you can drag and drop files from your computer into MediaGraph and they will automatically begin to upload to the Lightbox.

When you upload files to a Lightbox they will be immediately available to you. 

Adding Metadata

When you upload files you have the option to add metadata to help keep files organized. These are the different metadata fields:

  • Creator Tag - You may be required to add a creator tag. You can select yourself, or choose from a list of creators. 
  • Description - Add a description to your files. This is always optional, but can help to add important information and context to files.
  • Event - If relevant, you can add an event tag to your asset. Click the dropdown and select an event from a list provided by account managers.
  • Keywords - To help keep track of uploaded files, you may be required to add at least one tag to your uploaded files. The administrator can supply a set of tags you choose from or you can write in your own tags.
  • Usage Rights - To help clarify what uploaded files can be used for, you can choose a Usage Rights statement to apply to the files. This may be optional, or it may be a required that you choose one.


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