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All members.

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In Mediagraph, you can view all assets that have a certain tag with just one click. It is also possible to center that tag in your visual experience using entity view. Entity view displays all assets with a certain tag, as well as any further information you have provided about that tag. This can include a poster image to be shown at the top of the screen, a prominent description, links to websites with more detail, and more. 

View and manage an asset in entity view

  1. To display entity view, click anywhere on an entity’s name in the tag tree.
  2. To manage entity view, open the info popover by hovering over the info icon next to the tag’s name.
  3. In the info popover, you can edit many different fields, including: Name, Description, Type, Poster Image, Links, and Synonyms. If the entity is an event, you can also add a date. If the entity is a product, you can also add a GTIN or SKU. 
  4. You may need to refresh the workspace to display the updated fields.
  5. Entity view shows 50 of the most commonly-used tags attached to the displayed assets. Click on any of them to perform a faceted search. This will show only those assets which share all selected tags. In the screenshot below, for example, clicking the “open” tag would display only photographs tagged to show the computer and to show it in the open position.



Pro Tip: As part of Entity view, a poster image can be set for any item in the tag tree, whether it’s a keyword, person, event, or product. This may be an “official” image, like the authorized photo of a CEO, or the poster for an event, or it may be something that helps your members to better understand what the entity is. You can set the poster image in the tag tree info popover. Learn more in the article on how to set a poster image.


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