Add email notifications to upload pipelines

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Who can use this feature?

Admins and Content Managers.

Available on all plans.

You can add email notifications to any upload pipeline. This can be used to alert specific team members with an email any time a new asset comes in through a contribution request. Email notifications can be adjusted for each user group that has permission to contribute.

Add email notifications to upload pipelines

  1. In the Manage tab, select User Groups from the left-hand sidebar.
  2. Click Edit in the rightmost cell of the user group whose settings you want to change.
  3. Click to open the Add Contributors tab at the bottom of the page.
  4. Click to open the Notifications tab.
  5. Enter the email address(es) you want to be notified when members of this group submit new assets. You can also enter any text you want to be included in the email notification.
  6. Click the blue Update User Group button to save your changes. Whenever a member of this group submits a new asset for upload to your account, the selected email address(es) will receive a notification.

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