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Who can use this feature?

Admins, Content Managers and Library Managers

Available on all plans

There are multiple ways to move a container (a Collection, Folder, or Lightbox) in your Mediagraph account. Typically, drag-and-drop is the easiest way to move a container around. It is also possible to move containers in bulk. This is a helpful way to move a large number of containers to a new location at one time.

Move containers in bulk

  1. In the Workspace, navigate to the containers you want to move.
  2. Click the rearrangemode.png Pencil at the top of the panel to enter Rearrange Mode.
  3. Select the containers you want to move using the radio buttons that appear next to their titles.
  4. Hover over the ActionMenu.png Sprocket at the top of the panel.
  5. Click Move to open the bulk move overlay.
  6. Select your desired destination.
  7. Click the blue Save button. Your selected containers will now be moved to the destination you chose in step six.


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