Create a Lightroom Album from a Mediagraph Lightbox

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All members.

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Currently, Lightroom connections are created through Mediagraph Lightboxes. Once you connect your Lightroom account, you’ll see the ability to connect any Lightbox you own to your Lightroom account. Because Lightroom's Connections panel does not support a folder hierarchy, we recommend creating a set of basic reusable connections to keep things organized. You can see our suggested starter set of connected Lightboxes in this section of our Getting Started with Lightroom Integration guide: Recommendations for Connection Setup

You can’t connect Mediagraph Lightboxes that were created by someone else to your Lightroom account. However, you can Clone a Lighbox to make your own copy of the Lightbox. 

Create a Lightroom Album from a Mediagraph Lightbox

  1. Open the Lightbox you want to connect to Lightroom.
  2. In the Lightroom Connection panel of the right-hand sidebar, click Create Lightroom Connection.
  3. Adjust the Connection Settings according to your needs. Learn more about the different settings here: Connection Settings
  4. Click Create.


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