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The connection between a Mediagraph lightbox and a Lightroom album can be configured in many different ways. Read below for an introduction to the various settings, and a description of their uses. Note that only Content Managers and above will be able to see all the options listed below. 

Connection Settings

  • By default, the Lightroom Album will have the same name as the Lightbox in Mediagraph. You can change it, but that may become confusing. This is the only setting that can be changed after the Connection has been created.
  • Send all

    If you select Send All, then files will be sent over as soon as they are added to the Lightbox. This will happen in the background. 

    Send selected

    If you select Send Selected, then only those files which are specifically selected from within the Lightbox will be sent. 

  • There are two options for retrieving files that are sent to Lightroom. This setting cannot be changed once the connection has been created. 

    Retrieve as New Versions

    You will only see this if you are a Content Manager. This allows files that are processed in Lightroom to come back in as a new version of the original file, replacing the old version everywhere the file is seen. The old version is preserved, and can be found in the versions tab of the Asset Detail View.

    Processed files are sent back to Mediagraph as JPEG files.

    Retrieve as New Files 

    You will only see this option if you have upload privileges for Lightboxes. Processed files will come back in as separate copies. This is useful if you want multiple versions of a file, such as Black and White and Color versions. 

  • This setting allows files added to the Album in Lightroom to be sent to the Mediagraph Lightbox. Note that Lightroom will only send image files and will omit videos.



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