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Mediagraph Support
Mediagraph Support
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Who can use this feature?

All members.

Available on all plans.

Below are links to some articles outlining the setup and basic functionality of Mediagraph’s integration with Lightroom (also known as Lightroom Desktop or Lightroom Cloud). If you haven’t already, we recommend familiarizing yourself with the integration by reading our Getting Started guide: Getting Started with Lightroom Integration.

Use Lightroom Integration

Connect Mediagraph to Lightroom

Create a Lightroom Album from a Mediagraph Lightbox

Lightroom Connection Settings

Send files from Mediagraph to Lightroom

Send files from Lightroom to Mediagraph

Make a new copy of a file and upload it back to Mediagraph

Make a new processed version of a file

Lightroom FAQ

Lightroom Troubleshooting

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