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Available on all plans.

Access requests allow controlled access to assets by members of your organization and others. Users may have permission to only view an asset, or to download a downsized or watermarked version. They may request additional permission through a simple interface. After an access request is submitted, an admin or content manager can approve and reject access to all assets individually. 

By default, your Mediagraph account will have access requests disabled. Follow the steps below in order to enable access requests.

Enable Access Requests

  1. In the Manage tab of your Mediagraph account, click Site Settings.
  2. Click to open the Access Requests dropdown.
  3. Click the enabled/disabled slider to enable Access Requests. 
  4. Click the blue Save button at the bottom of the page to confirm the change you made. Access requests have now been enabled.


Read more about how to configure and use the access request feature:

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