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Who can use this feature?

All members.

Available on all plans.

Access requests help to control and track of the use of assets by members of your organization and others. When asset requests are enabled, users with permission to view an asset can request permission to download it. 

For more information about asset requests, consult our guide: Getting Started with Asset Requests.

Read below to learn more about how to submit an access request.

Submit an Access Request

    1. In your Mediagraph account, select the asset(s) you want to download.
    2. Click the download.png button in the top right corner. If you do not have access to the assets you selected, access restrictions will be listed. You will be prompted to submit an access request.
    3. Click rafrf.png.
    1. Enter a Name for your access request.
    2. Click Start Request... to open the access request workbox. Ensure that the thumbnails you see in the workbox match the assets you want to download.
  1. Complete the fields in the Details tab at the top of the page. Required information may include a description of your use of the requested assets, a deadline for your request, file size, and other custom fields your organization may have installed. In the screenshot below, Online Platforms is a custom field.
  2. Click the blue Submit Access Request button.
  3. Click OK to confirm and submit your access request. An Admin or Content Manager must now review your request before download access is granted.

Note: You can add additional files or remove files from the Access Request at any time before you click the submit button. Once the request has been made, you may not add or remove any files. 


Read more about how to use the access request feature:

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