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Who can use this feature?

Admins and Content Managers.

Available on all plans.

Access requests keep track of the use of assets by members of your organization and others. When asset requests are enabled, users with permission to view an asset can request permission to download it. 

When an access request is submitted, an alert on the notifications icon in your Mediagraph account is triggered. It can also be set up to send a notification to a designated email address. All past and current access requests are also visible within the Manage tab of your account. 

An admin or content manager must then either approve or reject access to all submitted assets before the request can be finalized. The request and subsequent approval or rejection is memorialized in an access request receipt. This receipt is a PDF and can be found in a specific folder in the file vault.

For more information about asset requests, consult our guide: Getting Started with Asset Requests.

Review an access request

  1. Open the access request workbox. If you have received a notification in your Mediagraph account or via email, follow the link in the alert. If you haven't received a notification, access requests can be viewed on the Access Requests page in the Manage tab. Click Respond next to a pending request to open its workbox.
  2. Close the Details panel so that you have more space to view the assets in the request. Below the Details panel, thumbnails of all assets included in the request are visible.
  3. Before any of the assets have been flagged Approved or Rejected, they will be flagged Pending by default. Select the assets whose flag you wish to change. 
  4. On the right-hand side, use the tools in the Approve or Reject panel to change each asset's approval flag. Flags available are Picked, Approved, and Rejected. Every asset in the request must be either Approved or Rejected before the request can be finalized. Thumbnails of rejected assets will be greyed out.
  5.  For most requests, it will be helpful to use the Pick tool for a first round of approval. You can filter for Picked assets before making a final approval. If all picks are correct, click Approve (number) Picked to finalize. Otherwise, select the assets you want to approve and click Set as Approved....
  6. Confirm your approval by clicking OK.
  7. Open the Details panel at the top of the page again.
  8. If you want to add further instructions about the use of these assets or a note about your approval, use the Approval Notes text box. (optional)
  9. If you want to change the size of the download made available to the requester, choose another option from the appropriate dropdown menu(s) in the Requested File Access panel.
  10. Click Finalize Asset Request.
  11. Click OK to confirm. The approved assets will now be available for download by the requester.


Pro Tip: Note that there is a comments thread on the right side of each asset request workbox. This is an easy way to note questions or concerns about approval for internal discussion and review.

Read more about how to configure and use the access request feature:

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