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Access requests help to control and track of the use of assets by members of your organization and others. When asset requests are enabled, users with permission to view an asset can request permission to download it. Admins can add custom fields to the request form if further information about the request will be consistently required. Read below to learn how to add a custom field to your organization's access request form.

For more information about asset requests, consult our guide: Getting Started with Asset Requests.

Add a custom access request field

  1. In the Manage tab of your Mediagraph account, click Access Requests in the left-hand sidebar.
  2. Click Custom Fields at the top of the page.
  3. Click Add Custom Access Request Field.
  4. Add a Name and Description (optional) to your custom field.
  5. Select Single Value or Multi Value. This choice depends on whether the requester should be able to respond with one and only one value, or whether they should be able to respond with many.
  6. Your custom field can either be a Free Text or Controlled Vocabulary type. Select Free text input? if you want to allow the requester to enter a text response. If you give your field a Controlled Vocabulary instead, type the values you want to add into the text box, clicking Add after each one.
  7. Click Create to finalize. All access requests will now include your custom field.

Read more about how to configure and use the access request feature:

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