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The Quick Share feature allows members to share a link to a web page containing assets from their Mediagraph account. Note that no login is required to access this page. If enabled, these galleries can include a download link. Admins can make download capability available to the member levels of their choice. By default, download links are restricted to Content Managers and above. 

When you select a member level, every account member with that designation or above can make these no-login download links. Because the links do not require a login, there is no way to know who is downloading the files. 

Note that while Quick Share is a great way to share a few assets at a time, the most full-featured and controlled way to share assets is to Share a Lightbox.

To enable Quick Share download links for members of your organization, follow the steps below. To learn more about the capabilities of the Quick Share feature, click here: Use Quick Share.

Enable download links for Quick Share

  1. In the Manage tab of your Mediagraph account, click Site Settings.
  2. Open the Sharing panel.
  3. In the Allow Enabling Share Downloads menu, select the member levels you want to give permission to share download links. Note that you are selecting a minimum member level, and all levels above will keep download link permission.
  4. Click Save at the bottom of the page.enabledownload.png

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