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Who can use this feature?

All members

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Mediagraph's embed capability has been reworked into a new Quick Share feature. Using Quick Share, all members can easily share any asset they have permission to view through a link to a simple web page. Note that there is no login required to access this page. 

  • If the sharer has download permission, they can choose to include a download link on the page.
  • Downloads can be at a resolution up to and including the maximum available to the sharer.
  • Admins can choose which member levels can enable downloads. Read more about how to Enable download links for Quick Share
  • Images, videos and some document types are viewable in the web gallery, and all other file types supported by Mediagraph can be shared for download.
  • Many formats will display a thumbnail or front page when viewed in the web gallery. 

Note that while Quick Share is a great way to share a few assets at a time, the most full-featured and controlled way to share assets is to Share a Lightbox. In order to verify the identity of the people you share with, or to get a report about their download activity, the best way is to invite them to a Lightbox as members. Quick Share is an anonymous feature, and does not keep a record of the access and downloads that take place through it.

Make a new Quick Share

  1. In your Mediagraph account, select the assets you want to share.
  2. In the top right corner, click Share to open the Quick Share dialog. This can also be accomplished by pressing Option + S on your computer's keyboard.
  3. Add a Subject Line and descriptive Message to be displayed in your Quick Share gallery. Make sure that the Subject Line distinguishes this link from others, so that you can find it in My Shares later.
  4. Configure your Share link:
    • If available, click the Enable Download? radio button to include a download link in your Quick Share gallery. Clicking this link will download a .zip package of the files in the Share link. Note that some members may not have permission to enable downloads, and that no member may enable downloads for an asset they do not have permission to download.
    • Select a resolution at which to share. You can select any resolution up to and including the maximum available to you.
    • Click the Add Watermark? radio button if you want to add a watermark to the images in your Share link.
  5. Click Get Share Link to generate your link.
  6. Your Quick Share link is now active. Click Copy Link to add it to your clipboard. Anyone you share this link with will have access to the shared assets.

View a Quick Share

  • Click the Quick Share link to open the gallery.
  • If the gallery includes a download link, you can click Download All Files in the top right corner to save all assets as a .zip package. If you only want to download a selection of the files in the gallery, hover over any thumbnail you want to download and click the blue circle in the top left to select it. The download button will now display a count of any selected files, and clicking it will download only those files that have been selected.
  • Click any thumbnail to open a simple viewer. Images and videos can be viewed or played in this viewer. 


Manage or delete a Quick Share link

  1. Hover over your avatar in the top right-hand corner of your Mediagraph account.
  2. In the menu that opens, click My Shares. This will open a searchable and sortable list of all Share links and Embeds that have been created on your account.
  3. Click the blue pencil next to the name if you want to change your Share link's name.
  4. Click View Share Details to get a new copy of your Share link, if desired.
  5. Click the trashcan to delete a share link that is no longer needed. Click OK to confirm. This will disable the link and delete the gallery attached to it.quickshare3.png

Embed assets using Quick Share

The Quick Share gallery can also be used to embed assets on another web page.

  1. Make a new Quick Share with the assets you want to embed, according to the instructions above.
  2. Instead of copying the share link in step 6, open the embed.pngpanel.
  3. Click Copy HTML Snippet.
  4. Paste the code into your website's HTML.


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