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Mediagraph is optimized for accessibility in compliance with the WCAG AA level. This allows full access to all Mediagraph controls through keyboard navigation, as well as screen reader compatibility.


Mediagraph makes use of Landmarks to offer quick navigation between the user interface components. This allows a user to select an item in the middle of one section, such as a particular collection, and then jump right in to the content area without having to tab through multiple items. 

Mediagraph Landmarks.png

Mediagraph landmarks are divided into three main sections:

  • The Main Navigation, which includes the Search bar as an element. 
  • The Asset Groups and Filters, which includes Folders, Libraries and Projects as well as the many filter panels. 
  • The Asset Contents, which includes the thumbnail grid, the table view and the map view

Please note that Landmark navigation may require you to do a configuration to your browser to enable. For the Chrome browser, a free plugin can be found at the Chrome Web Store here

Standard navigation commands

Beyond the Landmark navigation, Mediagraph uses the standard keyboard navigation keys like tab, enter, space, and the arrow keys.

Video instruction

The first video demonstrates the use of Landmarks for navigation as well as how to display hotkeys.

Widgets and components

This video provides a tour of the various user interface elements and how to access them with keyboard access in Mediagraph.




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