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MediaGraph defaults to sorting assets by Uploaded Time > Newest First, but there are many other ways to sort assets when viewing them in the Workspace. To change the way assets are sorted, mouse over the Sort_Arrows.png sort order arrows and select from the following Sort Order options:

  • Uploaded Time: Newest or Oldest first
  • Captured Time: Newest or Oldest first
  • Name of File: Alphabetical or Reverse Alphabetical
  • Size of File: Largest or Smallest first 
  • Rating: Highest or Lowest first

Please note that you can sort assets by following these same steps anywhere in MediaGraph you are viewing assets, including Collections and Lightboxes.


Change Default Sort Order

  1. Select a container (Folder, Collection, Lightbox, etc.)
  2. Mouse over theSort_Arrows.pngsort order arrows in the upper right corner of the Workspace
  3. Select the sort order you would like to view assets in
  4. MediaGraph will automatically update the way assets are sorted in the Workspace
  5. Click Save to make this the default sort order for this container


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