Rearrange Folders

Mediagraph Support
Mediagraph Support
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Who can use this feature?

Admins and Content Managers

Available on all plans

You can move Folders and Organizers around by entering Rearrange Mode in the File Vault. 

Rearrange Folders

  • Click theRearrange_Mode.pngpencil next to the search bar to enter Rearrange Mode.
  • Select the Folder or Organizer you’d like to move and drag it where you’d like it to live. A blue line will appear to show you where you are moving the item.
  • Exit Rearrange Mode by clicking the Rearrange_Mode_-_Shaded.pngpencil when finished



Tip: Changes may take a minute to populate. Hit the refresh button to see the changes you made immediately.

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