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Who can use this feature?

Admins and Content Managers

Available on all plans

Folders are the foundation of your storage, they contain files and other folders. Every file in your account lives in a Folder, all assets are uploaded directly into Folders. Follow these steps to make a new Folder.

Make a new Folder

  • Mouse over the + next to the search bar in the File Vault.
  • Select New Storage Folder…
  • Give your Folder a name.
  • Click Create.



Make a Subfolder

You can make as many Subfolders as necessary to ensure that your assets are well-organized. Subfolders help you create useful divisions within an existing Folder or Organizer.

  • Mouse over the info_popup.png Info pop-over next to the desired parent Folder.
  • Click Add Storage Folder.
  • Give your Folder a name.
  • Click Create.


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