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Libraries are the primary tool for making content available to your members. Libraries are designed to be used as Collection trees where the same permissions are assigned to the entire tree. This creates a logical and easy-to-navigate structure for your content. 

Libraries are created by the account managers to give members a way to browse and discover the content in the account.

  • Library Managers have the ability to modify all the settings of collections.
  • You can easily build out a collection hierarchy as the account grows.
  • Use consistent permissions in collection trees to make them behave predictably.




The Libraries panel has two types of containers, Organizers and Collections.

Organier.png Library Organizers

Library Organizers are meant to group collections together to further categorize top-level view. Library Organizers do not contain assets, they contain Collections and Collections contain assets. Library Organizers are designed to be used as Collection trees where the same permissions are assigned to the entire tree. This creates a logical and easy-to-navigate structure for your content. 

Collection.png Collections

Collections contain assets and other sub-Collections. Create as many Collections as you need within a Library to keep your assets organized. 

Refresh.pngRefresh Button

This will ONLY refresh the Libraries panel. This is sometimes needed to force an update after a bulk action or after rearranging Collections.

Help_Popup.pngHelpful Hints

Mouse over the help icon to find more info about the nearby item.

Rearrange_Mode.png Rearrange Mode

Click theRearrange_Mode.pngto enter Rearrange Mode and move Collections around. If the pencil is shaded it means you are in Rearrange Mode. When you’re done moving Collections click the pencil again to exit Rearrange Mode.

Shaded_Lock.png Sandboxes

Use the Admin-only sandboxes to review incoming files and prepare collections.

Sandbox Collections are useful for the preparation of files for inclusion in “regular” collections. This can include selection, removal, tagging and organizing into new Collection trees. 

  • Sandboxes are collections that may only be accessed by Managers and Taggers.
  • Groups can have their own sandboxes which are invisible to managers in other groups.

Info_Popup.png Info Pop-Over

You can manage a collection by hovering your cursor over theInfo_Popup.pngnext to the collection name. Here you can edit the name, description, add links, add a Sub-collection or Delete a Collection




Access the Manage_Button.pngManage Panel through the Info pop-over to edit permissions or create a Featured Collection to display on your Front Page.

  • Permissions shows which Groups can see or download the assets in this Collection.
  • Admins shows which groups can this collection.
  • Inherited indicates permission is set in a Parent Collection.

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