Understanding Group permissions

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Who can use this feature?

Admins, Content Managers and Library Managers

Available on all plans

Group permissions are applied to Collections to determine what assets Group members have access to. All Groups come with six default permissions levels to choose from. When creating a Group you can select from these default permissions, edit them or create a custom permission level.

Note: Enabling permissions in Group settings makes them available to apply to a Collection, it does NOT actually apply the permission level anywhere in MediaGraph

Default permissions levels

All Groups come with six default permission levels to choose from (permissions in bold are enabled by default):

  • View Only - Small Watermarked
  • View Only - Medium
  • View Only - Full Size
  • View and Download - Medium
  • View and Download - Full Size
  • View and Download - Original File


Options to customize a permission level

  • Enable/disable watermarks
  • Give members permission to download assets
  • Choose what size image Group members can see/download - 640, 1200, Full-Size or Original
  • Choose what size video Group members can see/download - 480p, Full Size or Original
  • Choose what size audio file Group members can see/download - Listen Only or Original


More information on permissions

How to edit permissions

How to apply permissions to a Collection

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