Set Group permissions in an existing Collection

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Mediagraph Support
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Who can use this feature?

Admins, Content Managers and Library Managers

Available on all plans

Mediagraph enables you to pick which user Groups can see or download your Collections through Permissions.

Follow these steps to give members permission to see or download based on their Group membership. 



Set Member Permissions in an Existing Collection

  1. Locate the Collection and mouse over theInfo_Popup.png Info pop-over next to its name.
  2. Click the Manage_Button.png button to enter the Manage Panel.
  3. Click the accordion labeled User Group Access (all groups within your organization are listed here).
  4. Click the tab of the Group you’d like to give permissions to.
  5. Click the checkbox next to a Permission Level to grant view or download access. In nearly all cases, there is no need to select more than one permission per group.
  6. Confirm that "Child Collections inherit all parent permissions" is checked. 
  7. Click Update to save changes.

Pro Tip: All Groups are created with the same default Permission Levels (View Only - Small Watermarked, View Only - Full Size, and View and Download Original File). To edit or create custom Permission Levels for a Group go into the Manage > Groups tab to edit Group Permissions options.

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