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Who can use this feature?

Admins, Content Managers and Library Managers

Available on all plans

In addition to global roles Mediagraph also supports group based roles for members and staff. This allows the group’s content and members to be managed by someone who does not have full control over the entire account.

Group roles include:

  • Group Member -  Can access Group Libraries according to permissions.
  • Group Tagger - Can tag material in the Group Library and Sandbox.
  • Group Library Manager - Has control over the Group Library and Group membership.
  • Group Content Managers (Multi-department and Enterprise accounts only) - Can access the Group storage folder in the File Vault.

Click here to see a complete breakdown of permissions by group role. 

Pro Tip: We recommend enabling Group managers when you first create your Group by using one of the Quick Setup full-feature settings options. Both of the full-feature settings options will enable Group managers and create test accounts for each role.

Enable staff roles in an existing Group

If you need to enable Group staff roles in an existing Group, follow the steps below. You can follow these same steps to enable Group Taggers or Group Content Managers.

  • Go to Manage > Groups and click Edit next to the desired Group.
  • Click the accordion labeled Enable Group Managers.
  • Click the accordion labeled Group Name - Enable Library Manager. Make sure the box is checked to Enable Group Library Managers.
  • Use the filters to narrow displayed users to select from.
  • Select members you would like to make Library Managers.
  • Click the blue_arrow.png blue arrow to add these Group Managers.
  • Click Update Group to save changes.


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