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Mediagraph Support
Mediagraph Support
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Who can use this feature?

Admins and Content Managers

Available on all plans

Mediagraph now allows you to directly connect a Lightroom Classic catalog to your account through the Publish Services Plugin. This provides significant workflow enhancement for Lightroom Classic users.

Check out the announcement video below. 

About the Plugin

  • Lightroom can manage the file conversion and upload of photos and videos.
  • Lightroom metadata is uploaded to Mediagraph along with the files.
  • Mediagraph metadata can be sent back to the Lightroom Classic catalog.
  • Lightroom can modify and re-upload files as needed, which create new versions in Mediagraph.
  • Multiple Lightroom catalogs can safely be used with a single Mediagraph account.

Optimization workflow

  • Mediagraph admins can request optimization for files that need further enhancement.
  • These requests are sent to the proper Lightroom Classic catalog and shown in the filter bar.
  • The Lightroom user can then make needed improvements.
  • When the adjustments are finished, the files can be easily uploaded to Mediagraph as a new version of the file(s).
  • The new version replaces the old version as the “top” version, and it retains all the metadata, containers and usage history.

What's Next

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