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Mediagraph Support
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Admins and Content Managers

Available on all plans

Here are some of the options and restrictions we’ve put on the Publish Connections. These that will help you have a smooth integration experience between Lightroom and MediaGraph.

You can have multiple Lightroom catalogs feeding a MediaGraph account.

  • If you have multiple photographers creating material for MediaGraph, each one can have their own publish connection.
  • A single user with multiple catalogs can also have a Publish connection for each catalog.

A single Lightroom catalog can feed multiple MediaGraph accounts.

  • It’s possible that a Lightroom user needs to contribute material to multiple MediaGraph accounts (e.g. an Enterprise MediaGraph account with multiple subaccounts). In such a case, it’s possible to have a single Lightroom Catalog connect to multiple MediaGraph accounts, each through its own publish connection. Make sure to name them clearly so that material is uploaded to the proper place.  

You can only have one Publish connection between a MediaGraph account and a particular catalog

  • We do not permit a MediaGraph account to connect to a single Lightroom Catalog multiple times. There’s generally no need to do this, and it creates a very real possibility of severe duplication and confusion. 

By default, a file can only be uploaded once per publish service

  • Typically, there is no reason to upload a file in Lightroom to the MediaGraph account more than once. Since any file can be in as many Collections or Lightboxes as you like, additional copies are not needed. 
  • The one exception is virtual copies (e.g. B&W and Color versions of the same file). Multiple virtual copies of the same file can be uploaded through the same publish service. 
  • There is an override in the Publish Service Manager panel to allow multiple instances of the same file to be uploaded. We strongly suggest that you leave this set to the default - preventing multiple uploads.

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