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The Projects Panel is your personal workspace. Every member in your MediaGraph Organization has their own personal Project space where they can create Lightboxes and collaborate with other members. This is where the bulk of collaboration happens in MediaGraph. 

Use Projects and Lightboxes to do the following:

  • Save favorite items.
  • Flag files as pick or reject.
  • Collaborate with other MediaGraph Members. 
  • Share files with people outside the MediaGraph Organization.
  • Manage Workflows.


Pro Tip: Your projects panel will be badged with your avatar, if you have uploaded one. It’s a nice way to remind you that this is your space.


Organier.pngLightbox Organizer

Lightbox Organizers help you manage clutter. Lightbox Organizers do not contain assets, they contain Lightboxes, Projects or other Lightbox Organizers. 


You can use Projects to hold related Lightboxes, especially ones that have the same settings. Projects do not contain assets, they contain Lightboxes.


Make a lightbox and add items you want to find again easily. You can make as many lightboxes as you want and add as many items as you want.

A Lightbox cannot live inside another Lightbox. Use Bins to organize assets within a lightbox.


Bins are folders within a Lightbox. They cannot be moved out of a Lightbox, if you would like to move a Bin to another Project you can clone it. 

Organier.pngArchive Lightbox Organizer

The Archive Organizer is an Organizer for completed or inactive projects. This allows you to remove clutter from your Projects Panel without deleting the Lightbox.

Organier.pngShared Lightbox Organizer

When another MediaGraph member shares a Project or Lightbox with you, it will first appear in this Organizer. You can move Lightboxes and Projects out of the Shared Organizer if you want them to live in the main part of the Projects Panel.

Info_Popup.pngInfo Pop-over

You can manage a Lightbox by hovering your cursor over the next to the Lightbox name. Here you can edit the name, description, add links, clone, archive or delete a Lightbox. 


Workflows allow you to link multiple Lightboxes to manage multi-step processes. 

Share_Link.pngShare Links

This symbol indicates this Lightbox has a Share Link. Share links can allow other people to access the files in a Lightbox without requiring sign-in.


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