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A Bin is like a folder within a Lightbox. Bins are helpful for grouping assets within a Lightbox. A file can be in only one Bin per Lightbox. This means they're useful for organizing material with no overlap (e.g. everything belongs to one and only one bin.)

Create a Bin

It is only possible to make a Bin from within a Lightbox's info pop-over. Follow these steps to create a new Bin.

  1. Mouse over the Info_Popup.pngInfo pop-over next to the desired parent Lightbox.
  2. Click + Add Bin in the Info pop-over.
  3. Give your Bin a name and description (optional).
  4. Click OK.


You cannot move a Bin out of its Lightbox, if you would like to move a Bin to another Lightbox you must clone it.

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