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Who can use this feature?

All members

Available on all plans

Workflows are created to automatically forward files from a source container to a destination container. All member roles can create and use Workflows. They are especially helpful for forwarding assets to a container with a different audience, or in helping automate workflows in a multi-step project.

Tips for making Workflows

  • Source containers can be Folders, Collections or Lightboxes.
  • Destination containers can be Collections or Lightboxes.
  • Assets can forward automatically or require approval by a designated member.
  • A Workflow can have as many steps as you'd like.

Create a Workflow

  1. Click Workflow in the upper left corner to enter the Workflow management area.
  2. Click + Add New Workflow in the upper right corner.
  3. Give your new Workflow a name and description (optional).
  4. Open the Step 1) tab and select the desired source container. 
  5. Give the first step a name and description (optional).
  6. Select if you would like forwarding to be automatic or manual (If you select manual approval, choose who needs to approve the photos).
  7. In the Destination tab, select the destination container you would like files to flow into.
  8. If your Workflow is only one step, move onto the next step. If you would like to create a multi-step workflow, click + Add Workflow Step and repeat steps 4-7.
  9. Click Save Workflow.


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