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Who can use this feature?

Admins and Content Managers

Available on all plans

When making a Group you have the option to create a Group Storage Folder to hold Group assets and member uploads. This Folder can be viewed or edited by Mediagraph Admins, Global Content Managers and Group Content Managers.

Group Folders are a great way to make certain assets in the File Vault accessible to members without account-wide admin privileges. The only content in the File Vault Group Content Managers can see is their Group's Folder.

What happens when you make a Group Storage Folder?

Mediagraph will automatically create an Organizer named for the Group and a Folder named “Group Uploads”.

  • All Group member contributions will live in the "Group Uploads" folder.
  • You can create as many additional Folders inside the Group Organizer as you need.


The Groups.pngGroup symbol denotes this is a designated Group Storage Folder.

Creating a Group Storage Folder

We strongly recommend creating a Group Storage Folder when you first make a Group. If you need to go back and add a Group Folder to an existing Group, follow these steps:

  • Go to Manage > Groups and click Edit next to the desired Group.
  • Click the accordion Add Storage Folders.
  • Click the accordion Create Group Storage Folder
  • Check the box "Enable dedicated Storage Folder for this Group".
  • Click Update Group. Go to the File Vault to see your new Group Folder.



Important: If you create a Group contribution request you must create a Group Storage Folder so member uploads have a destination.

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