What is a Group Library?

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Who can view a Group Library?

All members in the corresponding Group

Who can create/edit a Group Library?

Admins, Content Managers and Library Managers

Group Libraries are Library Collections where permissions are linked to Group membership. Group Libraries are an easy way to organize assets and make them accessible to a subset of users. When you first create a Group you have the option to create a Group Library. 

What happens when you make a Group Library?

When you create a Group Library, Mediagraph will automatically create a Library Organizer named for the Group, and a Collection named “Home”.

  • You can create as many additional Collections inside the Group Library as you need.
  • Add assets the same way you would to any other Collection. 
  • Group members can see all assets in the Group Library.


Group Libraries are denoted with the Groups.pngGroup symbol. Use the Info pop-over to edit Library settings and permissions. 

Creating a Group Library

We strongly recommend creating a Group Library when you first make a Group. If you need to go back and add a Group Library to an existing Group, follow these steps.

  • Go to Manage > Groups and click Edit next to the desired Group.
  • Click the accordion Set Group Library.
  • Check the box "Set Group Library for this Group".
  • Select a member permission. If you do not select a permissions level, Group members will not be able to see the Group Library.
  • If you have enabled Group Managers, you have the option to apply Group Manager Permissions. If you do not assign manager permissions, Group Library Managers will not be able to edit the Group Library. 
  • Make sure the "Child Collections inherit all parent permissions" is checked.
  • Click Update Group.


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