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This staff role is meant for someone who you trust to manage all your assets and members. Only Content Managers and above can upload assets directly to the File Vault and allow other members to upload assets.

Since Global Content Managers have the power to upload and delete assets as they see fit, it is important these individuals possess a deep understanding of your organization’s DAM needs, and how to use the Mediagraph platform.

Global Content Managers have all the permissions of a Library Manager, plus the ability to:

  • Upload files and edit the structure of the File Vault.
  • Allow any other members to upload files.
  • Delete assets and storage folders from the account.
  • Move assets to the Library to make them accessible to members.
  • Create a Group storage folder and enable Group contributions.

Click here to see a breakdown of Mediagraph permissions by role.

Global_Content.png                Global_Lib___Content_Mgmt_Menu.png

Left: Global Content Managers have full access to the File Vault and Library Panel.

Right: Management functions available to Global Content Managers.

Check out this quick "Getting Started" exercise to learn more about Mediagraph member roles:

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