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Roles determine what members can view and do in Mediagraph. There are staff roles designed for the management of users and content, and non-staff roles that give members access to the Library. There is also a “role” for people who are not members of the account, which we call Public.

Note: There is no limit on the number of members you can have in a given role or in your Mediagraph account. 

Mediagraph roles

  • Owner - There can only be one account owner. This is the only person capable of deleting the Mediagraph account or transferring ownership.
  • Admin - Admins have the same permissions as an owner, except they cannot delete the account.
  • Global Content Manager - Control over all users, content and groups. They have access to some management functions.
  • Global Library Manager - Full control over the Library Collections and access to some Management functions.
  • Global Tagger - Create and assign metadata on all assets in the Libraries. Taggers cannot edit any Collections or the Taxonomy and have no access to Management functions.
  • General Member - General members can view Libraries that have been made available to all members or to specific Groups they belong to. They are not able to create or assign metadata.
  • Restricted Member - This is the most restricted level of membership. These users can only view public facing Collections and Lightboxes that have been specifically shared with them.
  • Public - Can only access public facing Collections.

Group roles

Individual Groups can have their own roles as well. This allows the Group’s content and members to be managed by someone who does not have control over the entire account.

  • Group Content Manager (Multi-Department and Enterprise plans only) - Can view and edit the Group Storage Folder and can create Group contribution requests.
  • Group Library Manager - Control over the Group Library and membership. They can edit Group settings and invite members to the Mediagraph account.
  • Group Tagger - Create and assign metadata to assets in the Group Library.
  • Group Member Can view assets in the Group Library.

Check out our introduction to Mediagraph member roles:

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