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Admins are the most senior staff role in Mediagraph. They have control over the entire Mediagraph account, including the File Vault and all Management functions.

The only difference between Admins and Owners is that there can only be one Owner, and that is the only person capable of deleting the Mediagraph account.

The biggest difference between Admins and Global Content Managers is that Admins have control over billing and plan information, rights packages and site settings.

Click here to see a breakdown of Mediagraph permissions by role.

Admin Only Management Access

  • Rights Packages: They can create, edit and assign Rights Packages.
  • Site Settings: They can edit site styles (logo, banner image etc.) and allow Lightbox uploads.
  • Plan and Billing: They have control over your Mediagraph subscription and payment methods.

Check out this quick "Getting Started" exercise to learn more about Mediagraph member roles:

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