Converting auto tags to intentional tags

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Who can use this feature?

Admins, Content Managers, Library Managers and Taggers

Available on all plans

The Auto tags can be useful as a tagging aid. You can filter on relevant tags and add them as “real”

Auto tags are NOT the same as manually created tags. Auto tags are factored into search results but are not visible to general members (this is a default site setting that can be changed). If an auto tag is correct and you would like to apply it as a real, visible tag in MediaGraph, follow these steps.

Convert auto tag to intentional tag on multiple assets

Review all auto tags at once in the Filter panel.

  • In the Filter panel open the "Auto Tag" sub-panel. This will display a list of the 50 most common tags for the files currently showing.
  • Click on an auto tag that you would like to convert. This will apply that auto tag as a filter.
  • Review the shown photos, it’s likely that you don’t want to assign the tag to all files due to mistakes in auto tagging. 
  • Select the files you would like to apply this tag to.
  • Mouse over the Action Menu and click "Add Metadata...".
  • Under "Keywords" write in the tag you would like to apply. Click "Submit" to apply this "real" tag.


Convert auto tags on an individual asset

In the Asset Detail View you can review all the auto tags assigned to a specific asset. You can apply correct auto tags or remove inappropriate ones. Applying an auto tag will create a “real” tag that is visible to general members. 

  • Double click on an asset to open the Asset Detail View. Make sure you are in Edit Mode.
  • In Quick Info under the Tags section click on the tab Auto Tags. You will see a list of all auto tags that have over 80% confidence.
  • If the tag is correct: mouse over the tag and click "Apply Tag". MediaGraph will create and apply a "real" tag to this asset.
  • If the tag is incorrect: Click the "x" next to the auto tag to remove it.
  • Changes save automatically.


In the Asset Detail View you will see a count of the tags that were below the confidence threshold (pictured above). Mouse over the count to open a popup showing all of these tags. This can help you decide if auto tagging is useful, and if the 80% threshold is right for you.

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