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Read below to find answers to some frequently asked questions about Lightroom Cloud integration. 

Which version(s) of Lightroom does this work with?

This integration is for Lightroom Desktop and Lightroom Web. It is not yet enabled for Lightroom Mobile (the phone and tablet version) or Lightroom Classic. If you are not sure which one you are using, compare with the information below.

How do I know which version of Lightroom I have?

There are multiple versions of Lightroom, and there have been some confusing name changes over the years. Here are the four current versions of Lightroom. 

  • This is also sometimes called Lightroom Cloud, Lightroom CC, or just Lightroom. It is a program that runs locally on your computer which syncs to the Adobe cloud in the background.

  • This is a version of Lightroom that runs in a web browser. It syncs automatically with Lightroom Desktop.

  • This is the version of Lightroom that runs on iOS and Android. Currently, it does not support the Connections feature.

  • This is the original version of Lightroom. You can connect it to Mediagraph using a different method, the Publish Services plugin. It does not connect through the process outlined here. Learn more about Lightroom Classic integration here.


Who can use this integration?

Anyone with a Mediagraph login can connect their account(s) to their Lightroom account. This includes people with Staff roles as well as General Members of a Mediagraph account. All users can download to their linked Lightroom accounts. 

Am I allowed to upload to Mediagraph from Lightroom?

While all members can download files to Lightroom, the ability to upload is determined by your access privileges. These are set by your account administrators. 

How do I know if I have upload privileges?

When you create or manage a Lightbox, do you see the “Uploads” accordion? If so, you have upload permission. If not, you may want to contact your administrator and ask for upload permission for a specific Lightbox.

How do I connect Lightroom to Mediagraph?

Log into your Adobe account at In Mediagraph, go to your Profile Settings and click Connect Lightroom. You will be prompted to give Adobe permission to link to your Lightroom account.

You can read more about the connection process here: Connecting Mediagraph to Lightroom.

What does the connection between Mediagraph and Lightroom look like?

Our integration connects Mediagraph Lightboxes to Lightroom Connections Albums. 

How do I connect a Mediagraph Lightbox with a Lightroom Album?

Create or select the Lightbox you want to connect. You will see Connect Lightroom in the right-hand panel. Open the panel and click Create Lightroom Connection. Select desired options and click Create.

You can read more about the Lightbox connection process here: Creating a Lightroom Album from a Mediagraph Lightbox.

How do I see the connected album in Lightroom?

In Lightroom Desktop or Lightroom Web, open the All Photos panel, and then open the Connections Panel. Select Mediagraph and all connected albums will show.

Does the integration support video?

It is possible to send video files from Mediagraph to Lightroom, but the Lightroom connection does not support sending files to Mediagraph. 

Can mediagraph accidentally delete files from Lightroom?

While both applications have the capability of adding files to the other, neither one can delete from the other.

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