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Who can use this feature?

Only Admins, Content Managers and can see the File Vault

Available on all plans

The File Vault is where you manage the storage of assets for the account. This is typically the best place for an Administrator or Content Manager to upload files into the account. Only Content Managers and Administrators can see the Folders Panel.

You will find two kinds of containers in the File Vault: Folders and Organizers. Folders are the foundation of your storage, they contain files and other folders. Every file in your account lives in a Folder. Organizers contain folders. You can think of an Organizer as a drawer in a filing cabinet, while Folders are the file folders inside the drawer.

You can organize these any way you want, just like folders on your computer. This includes moving them around, renaming them and building folder trees.



The File Vault is only visible to Content Managers and Admins.



Folders are the foundation of your storage, they contain files and other folders. Every file in your account lives in a Folder, all assets are uploaded directly into Folders. When you click on a folder you’ll see the upload icon at the top of the window, and when you're selected on an organizer you don't get the upload icon.


To aid in visual organization, we’ve added Organizers as a way for Administrators or Content Managers to further categorize their top-level view. Assets cannot be uploaded directly into Organizers, they are for visual organization only. 

Organizer.pngGroup Storage Organizer

When you make a Group you have the option of creating a Group Storage Folder. Group Content Managers have control over this folder.

Folder.pngGroup Uploads Folder

When a Group member uploads a file as part of a Group Contribution Request the file will be stored in the Group Uploads Folder inside of the Group Storage Organizer. 

Organizer.pngLightbox Uploads Storage

When a Mediagraph user uploads directly to a Lightbox the file will be stored in a Folder named for the user that lives inside of the Lightbox Uploads Storage Organizer.

Refresh.png Refresh Button

This will ONLY refresh the File Vault panel. This is sometimes needed to force an update after a bulk action or after rearranging Folders.

Help_Popup.png Helpful Hints

Mouse over the help icon to find more info about the nearby item.

Rearrange_Mode.png Rearrange Mode

Click theRearrange_Mode.pngto enter Rearrange Mode and move Folders around and build out Folder trees. If the pencil is shaded it means you are in Rearrange Mode. When you’re done moving Collections click the pencil again to exit Rearrange Mode.

Info_Popup.png Info Pop-Over

You can manage a Folder or Organizer by hovering your cursor over theInfo_Popup.png next to its name. Here you can edit the name, description, add links or add a sub-folder.


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