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Who can use this feature?

Admins, Content Managers and Library Managers

Available on all plans

Groups are the heart of permission control in Mediagraph. They connect members to assets through permissions that are applied to Collections. Groups can also be used to allow uploads by Group members.

Tip: We strongly recommend using one of the Quick Setup setting configurations to ensure you get the most functionality out of Mediagraph.

  • Basic settings. 
  • Full-feature settings without Uploads.
  • Full-feature settings with Uploads.

Make a Group

  • Go to the Manage tab.
  • Select Groups from the sidebar menu.
  • Click Add New Group in the upper right corner.
  • Give your Group a name.
  • Choose a Quick Setup settings option. You can add to, remove or modify any group settings after creation, so don’t stress about doing it perfectly. 
  • Add members to your group (you can always add members later).
  • Click Save Group.




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