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Mediagraph Support
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For information about troubleshooting errors in Lightroom Classic, see here. Read below for some general advice on good Lightroom practices:

Make sure you backup your catalog

  • Lightroom has a built-in backup feature for the catalog itself. The backups made by this process provide a good rollback option in case something bad happens to the catalog (e.g. accidental deletion of files, catalog corruption, cat walks across the keyboard, etc.) We strongly recommend that you set Lightroom to backup the catalog every time Lightroom exits.
  • At the end of any day where you publish files to Mediagraph, make sure you close Lightroom to ensure the backup runs.
  • You should also backup the entire drive that the catalog lives on to another drive or cloud service. We strongly recommend Backblaze for automatic, encrypted offsite backup of your entire computer.

Make sure you have enabled debug logging

In the rare instances where there is an issue with the Lightroom plugin, having debug logging activated can help Mediagraph find and solve the issue. Enable debug logging in Lightroom's plugin manager, found in File>Plug-In Manager...>Mediagraph>Debugging.

Activate Debugging.png

Make your Lightroom catalogs as comprehensive as possible

Lightroom is designed for comprehensive photo and video management in a single or a small number of catalogs. This is important in general Lightroom workflow, and it is even more important in a Publish Services workflow. It aids in consistency of tagging, reduces duplication, and makes your file management more efficient.

Can't Update This Collection Error

It appears that a recent Lightroom update is requiring that users remove and re-install the Publish Services plugin. Re-installing the plugin will leave all your Collections intact.

When you see this message: "Can't update this collection. An internal error has occurred"

Cant Update This Collection.png

  1. Backup your catalog.
  2. Reopen Lightroom.
  3. Open the Plug-In Manager. Go to File>Plug-In Manager.
  4. Select Mediagraph.
  5. Click Remove.
  6. Reinstall the Connection. The connection will be refreshed with all your Collections intact.
  7. If you have made a new Published Collection that still won’t connect, try making a new one and publishing.
Troubleshooting Lightroom Classic Connection.png

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