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Who can use this feature?

All members.

Available on all plans

If you need to make a name change or otherwise update a Project, you can do so by following these steps.

If you edit a Project's settings, they will NOT automatically be applied to existing Lightboxes within the Project. Changes will only be applied to new Lightboxes. To change settings on existing Lightboxes within a Project you will need to individually edit each Lightbox.

Edit a Project

  1. Mouse over theInfo_Popup.pngInfo pop-over next to the Project you would like to edit. In the Info pop-over you can:
  2. Edit a Project name by clicking the Blue_Pencil.pngBlue Pencil next to Name.
  3. Edit a Project description by clicking the Blue_Pencil.png Blue Pencil next to Description.
  4. Add a Link to add context or information to a Project.
  5. Open the Manage_Button.pngManagement Panel to create a table of contents, add members to your project, override permissions and manage member uploads.
  6. Changes save automatically.



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